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What is UTOP?

UTOP is home tutor, available as per student’s convenience as against that of tutor.

UTOP is a complete education solution. Students can learn through Audio-visual content and evaluate themselves through multiple choice questions on each chapter. The learning and evaluation content packaged on a 7” Android tablet makes it a complete education solution in the hands of students.

UTOP is an attempt to integrate technology in a student’s day to day education. UTOP ensures constructive use of technology in a student’s education without exposing students to abuse technology. UTOP is the only device where parents can control the extent of technology exposure to their child.


Computer, Laptop, Television and internet have turned into entertainment devices and mediums. Children mainly use these devices for gaming, social networking and entertainment. Parents do not have control on usage of such devices.

UTOP addresses these issues. UTOP has 2 login passwords, a Student Login (Limited access) and a Parent Login (Unlimited access). Student Login allows access only to educational content, developed by eSense, focused on the syllabus education of the student. This restriction assures parents that with student login on UTOP, the child uses the tablet only for education. The Parent Login gives unrestricted access to the tablet. UTOP is as convenient as a book but more powerful than a book.

It is impossible to restrict current generation from technology. The generation is a “Screen Age” generation, as maximum time is spent in front of some or the other screen. Instead of restricting exposure to technology, today’s parents have the responsibility to ensure constructive use of it, which UTOP ensures.

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