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Spectrum Education is a premier institute in the field of education since last 12 years. It provides excellent coaching facility for standards 9th to 12th, MHT-CET, AIEEE and other entrance exams.

Founded in the year 1998, Spectrum started its coaching activity keeping the development of the student as the sole motive. Through innovative teaching methods, friendly teachers and playful environment, studying is always a different experience at Spectrum. Year after year with sky rocketing results, Spectrum became a familiar name in the coaching world. After the successful completion of a decade, Spectrum introduced the digital age in learning in association with eSense Learning Pvt. Ltd. This was a unique blend of traditional teaching methods with technology like animations, smart boards, voting pads, etc. thus making Spectrum a pioneer in the digital age of learning. It is rightly said that “Change is the only thing that is constant” and this has kept Spectrum going.


In the year 1666, Sir Isaac Newton made a revolutionary scientific discovery. He passed a ray of white light through a prism and obtained a band of colours at the other end. He concluded that white light is made up of seven different colours. The colours were not introduced by the prism, but the prism merely separated the colours in the white light. He called the phenomenon as dispersion of light and the band of colours as.......SPECTRUM.

Students are like a ray of white light.......full of brilliant colours......but which are invisible. They have wonderful qualities, talents and ideas to do something different. They only need some means to show their abilities. We are not Newton but we are like the prism that helps students to unfold their amazing hidden potentials. We show the world that students are not just a ray of dull white light but a band of wonderful colours called SPECTRUM.

To sum up it’s a place where we explore the challenges and reap the rewards of integrating technology into the classroom. Technological progress has provided us with more effective means for upgrading traditional teaching ways. What also makes SPECTRUM so special is the personal touch, making it the only place where education is celebrated.


With reams of painstaking research, hours of intensive and concentrated teamwork and a synergy of multiple skills and technologies, eSense Learning Pvt. Ltd. and Spectrum Education - Pune have introduced dynamic and radical changes in the field of education. A Hi-tech, well equipped educational institution has been set up at Fatima Nagar, Pune.

An educational method that has well balanced integration of technology and traditional systems is the striking feature of this digital coaching centre. Education program created is well researched, tested & distilled. What a student gets is therefore, a refreshingly different and exciting concept of education. It involves ‘Digital Classrooms’ to impart state of art coaching facility for 8th, 9th and 10th standard students of SSC and ICSE boards in complete digital and animated format. Visual education is aimed at providing a complete 3D experience of a prescribed textbook. Learning through animations and graphics helps students learn better, understand faster and remember more. The Smart Board, an interactive whiteboard to record live lectures for students for their future reference and has all the benefits of a computer. An Electronic Voting System to evaluate students accurately, identify their weak areas and help them focus on improving them. A real and virtual Science Laboratory helps students practice their science experiments. A Computer Laboratory gives easy access to recorded lectures and animated text books.

Technology with enhanced multimedia facility and a world-class infrastructure will surely improve the learning experience for students and their performance in examinations. At Spectrum learning is convenient, independent and friendly. This enables and ensures that the student understands the basic concepts which lay a strong foundation for higher education.