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Empowering Minds by Simplifying Learing

eSense a digital content company focuses on providing eLearning solutions to Schools and Students.

eSense is precisely an attempt to contribute to the process of learning by making it effective and engaging through innovative and creation methods. We at eSense engineer solutions that enrich the teaching and learning experience. The emphasis here is to go beyond the Chalk & Talk method and stimulate the learning experience. Our focus is to integrate technology with teaching and learning.

At eSense we not only adopt new technology, but also make it user friendly to meet the needs of the teachers and students.

TOP Assessment - Advantages Assess children's progress and reinforce your academic excellence with Top Assessment

Student engagement
Encourage group discussion
Continuous evaluation
Easy paper setting
Student Centric
Exam Ready Students

TOP Assessment - Highlights

Enhancing the value for educational institutions by deploying technology to make learning more participative, engaging and exciting.

Remote Based Assessment Activities

The Radio Frequency Remote is designed to Give the teachers complete power to control activities such as Quiz, Hand Raise, Group Test, Remote based Multiple Choice Questions and Optical Mark Recognition paper based exam Provide Individual remotes for each student
Enables every student to answer at their own time and pace

Hand Raise This activity,

Encourage slow learners to build and increase their confidence Enhances teacher control over the class

Paper Generation enable teachers to

Create one's own paper style
Generate multiple Chapters and Units question paper
Create and store question papers as per time table

Reports & Analysis

Statistical report based on the number of assessment conducted on a periodic basis (Weekly, Monthly, Semester-Wise, Yearly).
Anytime access to customized reports and analysis.

Unique Paper Format

The paper generation system is equipped with unique paper formats like Chapter and Marks wise weightage and Difficulty Levels.


The On-screen Quiz format helps in, Active participation of students divide into groups Enabling Team Building and Group Discussions

Content Co-Creation

This helps Teachers to co-create their own questions.

Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)*

Captures data in a traditional form The system scans the data to generate results and provide relevant analysis

*(Applicable for Gujarat)

Student Centric Analysis

An individual analysis based on performance and participation.
Categorized as per Exam-based, Subject-based, Grade-based, Division-based, Question-based and much more.

Email and SMS Facility

Instant result and exam attendance sent directly to parents through E-mail or SMS.

TOP Assessment - Benefits

Artificial intelligence empowered TOPAssessment opens up innumerable opportunities to assess students progress and saves valuable time


  • Classroom Assessment just at a click
  • Improved Enrollment Rate
  • Improved results through Formative Assessment


  • Easy and Instant Evaluation
  • Multiple Question Paper Generation
  • Individual Evaluation
  • Time saving
  • Anytime access to previous evaluation records
  • Quick & customized reports & analysis generation

TOP Assessment - Elements

Artificial Intelligent Based Assessment Engine

Grade wise Analysis of Standard 10 Eng. Science for 21 Mar. Science Standard 10. Eng. Exam(21/03/2014)

Print Format

Grade A
A1(91%-100% 36
A2(81%-90%) 20
B1(71%-80%) 14
B2(61%-70%) 10
C1(51%-60%) 8
C2(41%-50%) 6
D(31%-40%) 4
E1(21%-30%) 2
E2(0%-20%) 0
Total 100
  • Radio Frequency remotes provide convenient usage regardless of seating arrangement in classrooms
  • Teacher's remote for navigating through the database and controlling assessment
  • Student remote for responding to the assessment and evaluations
  • RF technology ensures ease of operation
  • 25,000+ relevant and reliable questions
  • Chapter and Unit wise questions available with logical answer options
  • Smart Assessing Patterns for each student (A common set of questions and answers in different order)

TOP Assessment - Inquiry

TOP Assessment - Subject Allocation / Medium

Diverse boards, diverse subjects, precise solutions. Taking Assessment initiatives to new heights.
Board Medium Standard Subject
Gujarat State Board (GSB) Gujarati and English 5th to 10th Science, Math, Social Studies, Environmental Studies
  11th to 12th Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math
Maharashtra State Board (MSB) Marathi and English 3rd to 10th Science, Math, History, Civics, Geography, Political Science, Economics, Environmental Studies
Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Pattern English 3rd to 10th Science, Math, Social Studies, Environmental Studies
CBSE Pattern Std. 1 to 8 Std. 9th & 10th
Math CBSE Syllabus MSB/GSB Syllabus
Science CBSE Syllabus MSB/GSB Syllabus
Social Studies MSB/GSB Syllabus MSB/GSB Syllabus
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