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Corporate Social Responsibility “ We make a LIFE what we GIVE ”
-Winston Churchill

India has the largest student population, largest first generation learner. Learning syllabus is their first need. India has limited sources of quality education. The education industry faces huge challenges with regards to infrastructure, teachers and teaching resources. Considering this reality EDUCATION is a part of CSR Strategy for most companies. A winning strategy definitely needs a long term vision and proven partner. A Partner who can address the core issue of teaching syllabus without depending much on teachers is cost effective.

eSense naturally becomes the obvious choice for executing CSR Projects in education. TOPCLASS empowers teachers and teaching, especially in rural areas where availability of teachers is less. TOPClass product quality is coupled with honest and tireless execution of CSR mandate with outstanding pre-sales and post-sales service to ensure smooth functioning of digital classroom. eSense awaits an opportunity to become the partner in your CSR strategy for education.

No One Is Too Small

Small companies or NGOs, or even individuals who heard of this initiative are trying to make a difference. In just 24 months,
NFEI has partnered with over 30 corporates, NGOs and individuals adding the support for 3 years, while individuals like Guvanti Sanghi are endorsing NFEI after a successful experience.

Contact Details
  • Contact Person :    Mr. Tushar Parmar.
  • Email Id :    tusharparmar@esense.in
  • Address :    1B, Benefice Business House, Mathuradas Mill estate, NM Joshi Marg, Lowerparel west. Mumbai, 400013